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Embrace the divine presence of the Olive Wood Holy Family Wall Plaque 8 inches in diameter, a stunning testament to faith and blessings. Crafted with utmost reverence, this exquisite plaque features the Holy Family, beautifully made from metal, securely glued onto the rich olive wood surface. A profound touch of spirituality is added with the glass opening that contains genuine frankincense from the Holy Land.

As you hang this captivating plaque in your home or space, it becomes more than just a decorative piece. It infuses the atmosphere with a sacred ambiance, creating a haven of peace and serenity. The Holy Family serves as a reminder of the unconditional love and protection that grace your dwelling, surrounding it with divine blessings and heavenly presence.

The combination of metal and olive wood artistry gives this plaque a unique and timeless charm, making it a cherished centerpiece on any wall. The glass opening, holding genuine frankincense, adds a fragrant and meaningful connection to the Holy Land, evoking a profound sense of spirituality every time you glance at it.

This Olive Wood Holy Family Wall Plaque with the heartfelt words "God Bless Our Home" becomes a beacon of hope and faith, filling your space with the enduring message of love and devotion. Allow its presence to foster a sense of tranquility and inspiration, as it becomes a reminder of the divine grace that flows within your home. Let it be a symbol of unity and a source of strength as you embark on life's journey, knowing that you are accompanied and blessed by the Holy Family's watchful embrace.

Holy Family "God Bless our home" Wall Plaque

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