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Experience the profound symbolism and timeless elegance of our Olive Wood Crucifix adorned with a Pewter Metal Jesus. Handcrafted with care and reverence by skilled artisans, this crucifix embodies the enduring legacy of faith and sacrifice. The rich olive wood, sourced from the ancient groves of the Holy Land, lends a natural warmth and authenticity to the piece, while the pewter metal Jesus adds a striking focal point.

Each detail of the crucifix is meticulously carved, reflecting the skilled craftsmanship and devotion poured into its creation. The presence of Jesus, cast in pewter metal, exudes solemn grace and divine presence, inviting contemplation and reverence. Whether displayed in your home or gifted to a loved one, this Olive Wood Crucifix serves as a powerful symbol of faith and redemption. Embrace the sacredness of this timeless piece, and let it inspire moments of reflection and spiritual connection in your life.


Dimension: 13X8.75 inches 

13" plain olive wood crucifix - plain

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