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ndulge in the profound beauty and spiritual essence of our handcrafted Olive Wood Crucifix with Pewter Metal Jesus, meticulously created in the Holy Land by skilled Christian families in Bethlehem. This exquisite crucifix is a captivating representation of Jesus on the cross, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship that combines the elegance of olive wood with the preciousness of pewter metal. The glass opening within the crucifix holds a treasure trove of sacred elements, evoking a deep connection to the Holy Land. Inside, you'll discover Holy Earth from Bethlehem, leaves from the olive wood tree, aromatic frankincense, and the gentle fragrance of rose petals, all symbolic of the hallowed grounds and ancient rituals of worship. Embrace the divine essence of the Holy Land and surround yourself with these powerful symbols, as this Olive Wood Crucifix becomes a tangible link to the spiritual roots of Christianity, reminding you of faith, hope, and the eternal love emanating from the Cross.

14 inches Olive wood Crucifix

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