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Dive into the sanctity of faith with our captivating Olive Wood Cross, a sacred fusion of tradition and reverence. Handcrafted from authentic olive wood sourced from the Holy Land, this cross exudes the essence of ancient spirituality and divine connection. Within its glass enclosure lies a harmonious blend of sacred elements: soil from revered lands, fragrant incense, delicate rose petals, and symbolic olive wood leaves.

At the heart of this profound piece, a pewter rendition of Jesus stands as a beacon of hope and salvation. His presence, cast in intricate detail, invites contemplation and reverence, while the surrounding elements evoke the essence of spiritual devotion and renewal. Whether adorning your sacred space or bestowed as a meaningful gift, this cross serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring grace and sanctity of faith.


Product dimension: 11X7 Inches 


The five glasses on each end are filled with:
-Holy Land Olive Leaf
-Holy Land dry Flowers 
-Holy Land Incense 

-Holy Land Soil 
-Stones from Jerusalem

11" olive wood crucifix with 5 glass opening

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