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Immerse yourself in the sacred narrative with our Olive Wood Nativity Scene, artfully carved inside a natural cave formed from the branches of an olive tree. Within this unique masterpiece, you'll find the Holy Family—Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus— surrounded by the gentle presence of two sheep. A humble water jug completes this evocative tableau, capturing the simplicity of the Bethlehem manger.

Each figurine is expertly glued inside the cave, creating a harmonious and permanent arrangement that echoes the tranquility of the first Christmas night. Crafted from the olive wood tree's branches, every nativity scene boasts a distinctive shape, making each one a unique embodiment of the Holy Land's craftsmanship. If you desire a specific shape for your nativity, feel free to reach out today and choose a piece that resonates with your heart. Illuminate your home with the timeless beauty of this Olive Wood Nativity Scene, a testament to the artistry and spirituality rooted in Bethlehem.

width: 8-9 inches wide 
depth: 4 inches 
height: 5 to 6 inches

Olive wood Nativity Scene inside olive wood tree cave branch

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