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Christians in the Holy Land mostly live in the controlled territory of the West Bank, mainly in Bethlehem, Beit Sahour and Beit Jala. Here Lays a number of olive-wood souvenirs  shops, restaurants, lodging and historical sites that caters to Western Christians who come here to visit, that have to enter through one of the many highly monitored security checkpoints. Bethlehem, the birth place of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the main historical site that attracts Christians from all over the world. Beyond tourism and pilgrims to Bethlehem, life for the local Christians is hard and difficult beyond any imagination. According to the National Catholic report, in 1950 Christians in Bethlehem and in the surrounding villages ( Beit Sahour and Beit Jala ) were 86 percent of there population, but by 2016, the Christian population plummeted to a shocking 12 percent according to the mayor of Bethlehem at the time, Vera Baboun. The percentage of Christians currently today in the West Bank account for less than 2 percent of the population. Christians here find it very increasingly difficult to live due to the many challenges and unfair treatment they have to face due to their ethnic background and believes. Olive-wood carving is a trade that is passed down from one generation to another and it is the foundation for their income that many rely on to support their families. The pictures playing above are the actual pictures of the wall that separates Bethlehem and the West Bank from the rest of the world.       

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