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Journey into the sacred with our extraordinary Olive Wood Cross, meticulously inlaid with the resplendent beauty of abalone shell and the shimmering elegance of mother of pearl, handcrafted in Bethlehem, the Holy Land. This stunning cross exemplifies the harmonious union of nature's finest treasures with the revered olive wood, becoming a powerful symbol of faith and devotion. Within its heart, a glass opening reveals a treasure trove of sacred elements—tender leaves from the olive wood tree, fragrant rose petals, aromatic frankincense, and steadfast stones, fostering a profound connection to the Holy Land. At its core, Jesus stands in pewter metal, exuding grace and reverence, reminding us of the divine sacrifice and love that form the heart of Christianity. Embrace the spirit of Bethlehem with this cross, infusing your space with divine blessings and a sense of serenity, as its presence becomes a radiant beacon of faith, echoing the eternal message of the Holy Land.



11X7 inches 


The four glasses on each end are filled with:
-Holy Land Olive Leaf 
-Holy Land dry Flowers 
-Holy Land Incense 
-Stones or soil from Jerusalem

11" olive wood and mother of pearl curicifix with 4 glass opening

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